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Paul was born in the Netherlands in 1963. He has lived in Israel, including a brief period in a Yeshiva (Jewish Theological College) in Jerusalem. Paul become a believer in February 1987 and has done studies through the ACT (Australian College of Theology). He has a distinctive teaching style, and often brings out the Jewish frame of reference of a Biblical passage. Since 1997 Paul has been teaching the Bible in Churches & Messianic Fellowships, Christian & Messianic Conferences and Bible Camps.

Popular Sermons

Here are suggested sermon topics which have been popular.

  1. Yeshua (Jesus) in the Jewish Bible (Messianic Prophecy)
  2. Messiah in the Passover
  3. Yeshua in Isaiah
  4. Why pray for Israel?
  5. Six female heroes of the Exodus
  6. The four women in the line of Yeshua
  7. Will you establish the Kingdom of Israel now? (Acts 1:8)
  8. Jewish Wedding (John 2)
  9. Yeshua and Nicodemus (John 3)
  10. The Blind Man See (John 9)
  11. One New Man
  12. The Hem of His Garment

These are some of the most requested message topics. For a complete list of what presentations are available, please contact Debbie Crocker / Church Relations for Celebrate Messiah.

p:  0416-643-626

Suggested Conference Topics

Paul has a number of series on a wide variety of Biblical and Jewish topics among the more popular among them are:

  1. The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah
  2. Yeshua in the Jewish Bible (Messianic Prophecy)
  3. The Feast of the Lord (History to Prophecy in the Feast)
  4. The Tabernacle and Temples of the Lord
  5. Understanding the Biblical Covenants
  6. Messiah in the Psalms
  7. Israel: Past – Present – Future


Other topics can be requested, please contact Debbie Crocker / Church Relations for Celebrate Messiah for bookings or more information.

p:  0416-643-626

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